Taste Hero - VfB Stuttgart Edition

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  • Real VfB Stuttgart fan article
  • Makes bottled beer taste like it has been tapped - milder and more pleasant
  • The bottle attachment for every commercially available beer bottle - PET & glass
  • Beer flows trough a special sieve structure when pouring - more oxygen contact. Beer often produces a beautiful foam crown.
  • Clever mechanism - without CO2 capsule, without electricity, without refilling
  • Also ideal for other carbonated drinks such as coke & Co.
  • Dishwasher safe

Freshly tapped beer tastes best - probably all lovers of the "cool blond" agree on that. With the Hero button, no one has to set up a dispenser at home or hurry to the nearest bar for this taste experience. The fascinating bottle attachment is simply placed on the bottleneck of your favorite beer and transforms it right when it is served. A clever mechanism with a kind of sieve structure swirls the beer and allows the oxygen in the room air to act more intensively on it.

The result: a finer and milder taste. The bottled beer tastes like "a freshly tapped beer". By the way, Taste Hero is also suitable for all other carbonated drinks such as Cola & Co. - and turns you into a Taste Hero at your next party in no time at all!