Our promise

Taste Hero is better for your stomach

The Taste Hero works by bubbling out the carbon dioxide and thereby optimizing the drink. This also makes the beer milder and more pleasant. This has a positive effect on your stomach and on the enjoyment of beer - cheers! If you are prone to stamach pain anyway, it is recommended to drink low carbonated drink.

Taste Hero can be used again and again

The Taste Hero works without a CO2 capsule, without electricity and without refilling, because it´s a functional principle ist purely mechanical and equally suitable for glass and PET bottles. This makes the Taste Hero super easy to use and to clean, it´s almost indestructible and usable again and again. The Taste Hero is dishwasher safe. No annoying re-purchase, no additional packaging waste, just pure taste, bottle for bottle!

Taste Hero is also an upgrade for Cola, Limo & Co

What works for beer is also a real taste upgrade for other carbonated drinks! The Taste Hero also ensures better digestibility and a new taste experience with coke, soda, mineral water and much more. Since the Hero button fits on almost all standard PET & glass bottles, the range of drinks is almost unlimited. Just try our bottle attachment and enjoy! Investor Ralf Dümmel also recognized this in the Start-up TV Show "Die Höhle der Löwen" on the tv channel Vox.