"Tapped" straight from the bottle into the glass. The smallest dispensing system in the world.

Beer tastes the best when its freshly tapped - probably all lovers of the "cool blond" agree on that.

With the Taste Hero, nobody has to set up a tap at home or rush to the next bar for this taste experience. With the Taste Hero you can now bring the draft beer kick home. Just slide the adapter on the bottle, pour and enjoy the "freshly tapped taste". The effect ist immediate, regardless of whether you drink directly from the bottle or from the glass.

How it works

Taste Hero ist purely mechanical and can be used again and again. There are no CO2 capsuls, no batteries, an nothing to refill.

Just slide it onto the bottle and pour. You donĀ“t even have to tilt the glass; with Taste Hero the beer flows through a special sieve structure that swirls it, reducing the CO2 content and maximizing oxygen contact. This results in the natural taste of the beer coming to the fore, just like a freshly tapped brew.

Taste Hero turns almost every bottle into a "tap"

Attach, pour an enjoy - with Taste Hero this works with almost any commercially available bottle an all carbonated beverages. The drink becomes milder in taste. With many beers, the Taste Hero produces a beautiful head of foam.

Beer bottles

The Taste Hero Set includes two attachments for the adapter. The beer adapter fits on every commercially available glass beer bottle. There are tolerances for beer bottles. Of course, it can be removed an used again at any time.

Plastic bottles

The Taste Hero Set also includes an attachment for PET beer bottles. Thanks to the integrated screw thread, it can be easily screwed onto the bottle neck - and also removed an reused at any time.

Sparkling water, coke, lemonade & Co

The Taste Hero works by peeling out the carbon dioxide and optimizing the drink. This makes it suitable for all carbonated beverage and also gives coke, soda, sparkling water & Co. a taste upgrade.